Who We Are

PC law is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, full-service independent law firm founded in December 2019 by our founding partners Marina Papadakis and Marija Čabarkapa, brought together by a joint aspiration to create a unique boutique law firm in the Serbian market.

PC law is a blend of highly trained, talented, and innovative professionals with thorough market knowledge – renowned for building effective solutions. Our Team directly operates in the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro, and through our well-established network of respectable law firms in foreign jurisdictions, we collaborate on complex cross-border matters. Thanks to our previous international work and global network, we can offer our clients effective one-stop solutions when dealing with multi-jurisdictional transactions, disputes, and more.

Our team prides itself on a high level of professionalism and responsiveness, innovative legal approach, and strong business instincts, as well as on providing top-quality legal services to both international and national clients active in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, IT, Media and Broadcasting, Auto-industry, Construction, Food, and Beverages, etc.