Our Team

Marija Čabarkapa, Founding Partner

Marija is the founding partner at PC Law in Belgrade. With a background as tax lawyer, Marija’s expertise has evolved and expanded to encompass a wide array of legal domains ranging from employment and IT law to commercial and corporate matters. Moreover, her in-depth knowledge of the IT, Media&Broadcasting, Auto-moto and Pharmaceutical industry, sets her apart as a well-rounded legal expert.

Marija’s track record includes negotiating high-stake commercial deals in the IT and Entertainment industry, guiding successful M&As, offering support and advice in business restructuring, combating unfair competition, safeguarding intellectual property etc.

Apart from her business law practice, Marija’s expertise extends to representing clients in criminal cases related to complex financial crimes that specifically pertain to the IT industry. Her unique expertise and understanding of the intersection between law and technology allows her to navigate the complexities of technology related offenses.

Before founding PC Law, she was a Partner in charge of the Tax and Business Department, and she was a Head of a French desk that integrated French-speaking lawyers working on international commercial matters.

Bojan Đukanović, Senior Associate

Bojan is a valuable member of the PC Law team. As a corporate law expert, he provides our clients with legal counsel and support in setting up, restructuring, developing and securing adequate financing of their businesses. He also assures full compliance of our clients in all matters related to FX law.

Bojan’s secondary expertise is sports law – he provides valuable advice in negotiating athlete contracts, sponsorship agreements and resolving disputes within the sports industry.

Vukašin Vuković, Associate

Vukašin is our go-to person for all matters involving employment-related challenges – especially redundancy procedures and termination of employment in general. Additionally, with his forward-thinking mindset he support innovation driven businesses helping them to navigate trough day-to-day operations and challenges, so that they can confidently pursue their goals while ensuring a strong foundation for future growth and success. His expertise is particularly valuable for start-ups, as he provides strategic advice and support during the entire lifecycle of the company and helps navigating investment opportunities.

Nenad Babić, Senior Associate

Nenad is the lead attorney in our dispute resolution department. He has significant and valuable experience in commercial, IP, internet domain, and media disputes. Before entering Bar Association, Nenad was Head of the Legal Department at TANJUG – formerly Serbia’s biggest News Agency.

Aleksa Sovtić, Associate

Aleksa is Associate at PC Law. Before joining our team, he earned his LL.B. from Union University Faculty of Law in Belgrade, where he graduated among the best in his class. His primary focus is in immigration and employment law, as well as in privacy law. Additionally, his secondary expertise relates to assisting our clients from IT and Entertainment industry in all commercial matters. This diverse skill-set makes him a valuable resource in providing comprehensive and top-tier legal support across multiple domains.

Đorđe Šemsedinović, External Counsel

When dealing with public procurement procedures, the PC Law team has expert Đorđe’s full support in this field. He manages procurement procedures for a major telecommunication company in the Republic of Serbia.

Nikola Kovačević, External Counsel

Nikola is a human rights lawyer specializing in refugee protection and migration, prohibition of torture and ill-treatment, extradition, and litigation before ECtHR and UN Treaty Bodies. He serves as a valuable member of our team when our engagement calls for securing the human rights of our clients. Nikola is as well the engine behind our pro-bono activities.

Aleksandar Međedović, Junior associate

Aleksandar is our junior associate who specializes in handling legal matters related to employment, immigration-driven employment, and commercial issues. In his role, he assists more experienced attorneys in conducting research, drafting legal documents, and providing support in various cases within these areas. He has a keen interest in sports law, such as athlete contracts, sponsorship agreements and resolving disputes within the sports industry.

Iris Banovački, Paralegal

Iris is a valuable team member and diligent student, currently pursuing her law degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and is expected to graduate in 2023. She participated in numerous seminars and conferences, and is a full member of the European Law Students Association. As a paralegal, she excels in research, contributing greatly to our projects. Her dedication and strong work ethics make her an asset to our team. Iris is supporting PC law practice in commercial law, as well as in dispute resolution.

Anastasija Perišić, Paralegal

Anastasija is а valuable member of our team and a student at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade – expected to graduate in 2023. During the course of her studies, Anastasija was the recipient of awards and recognitions, including The Best Students Award from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade; a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. She took part in numerous study groups, conferences and seminars. Anastasija has great legal research skills, and has demonstrated talent in IP and employment law.

Ivana Božović, Senior Associate

Ivana advises our clients in commercial, civil and criminal dispute resolution matters, as well as in enforcement proceedings. She possesses valuable expertise in employment-related disputes.

Before joining PC Law team Ivana was part of a team who was ranked amongst Legal 500, as one of the leading teams on the Serbian Market in dispute resolution matters.

Her knowledge, skills, devotion and significant experience in human resource management, strategic leadership and mediation, are the reasons why Ivana represent a valuable part of our team.

Katarina Živkovć, Office assistant

Katarina is an invaluable team member providing essential administrative support to ensure smooth functioning of our team.